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We have an amazing line up of events! Everything from coffee experiences, giant games, music events, PRBI classes, chilling with students, worship by Highest Call, youth rallies, dramas by Earthen Vessels, and more are all part of the eView action.

Geared for those that are curious about what Bible College is like at PRBI. Come for some amazing experiences while making memories at PRBI, and complete the experience by staying with current PRBI students!

Come experience, before you decide.

March 8-10th, 2018.
Grades 10-12, and beyond. 
This event is completely free.
Food and lodging is completely free!

Youth Groups (Gr. 7-12)

Come out for a night of fun with friends, where together we hangout, play games, eat snacks, listen to a talk, and best of all, have the chance to have some real and open discussions about life and Faith.

Junior Youth (gr. 7-9) - Tuesdays 7pm-9pm

Senior Youth (gr. 10-12) - Wednesdays 7pm-9pm

*Please don't arrive before 6:45pm

Small Group Nights

The last week of every month, each small group organizes an event. If that event is ever offsite or deemed "riskier" (ex. rock climbing, biking), we need your extra permission:

Small Group Night Permission Form

Our Mission:

To teach the gospel and equip those who believe to become disciple-making followers of Jesus

Information for 2017-2018

We have a lot planned for this year with the Alliance Youth Ministry. Stay informed so you don't miss out on anything!

Newsletter - (the year summary)

Pastor Steve

I have been attending the Dawson Creek Alliance Church since I was 12 years old, and have been the youth pastor since January 2016. While attending College at Peace River Bible Institute I became excited about having real conversations about faith in God and how that changes a person's life. I hope to train up youth to be excited about following Jesus and being a part of the body of Christ.

Email: youth@dawsoncreekalliance.ca

Upcoming events

Youth Calendar

Event Information

  • eView PRBI - March 8-10 *Senior youth only

    Peace River Bible Institute is a Bible College located in Sexsmith, AB. Every year they hold an event where students in grades 10-12 can live on campus and attend classes to experience a bit of what college life is like.

    To register, please click: Here

    Permission for a ride please: Click Here

  • Legacy Youth Conference Ambrose University - March 16-18 *Grade 9-12 only

    We have decided to not go to this event due to lack of interest. 

  • YC Sold Out - May 19-21 *Senior youth only

    The Dawson Creek Alliance Church has been sending youth to YC for over a decade, and for good reason! Every year, youth continue to go for the world-class bands and speakers, and for the chance to attend a positive event with their friends. The event is held in Red Deer at the Enmax Centurium, and will continue to be a highlight for the youth who attend. 

  • DC Alliance Church Family Camp - July 6-8

    Every year, the Dawson Creek Alliance Church rents Camp Sagitawa for the second weekend of July. It is a great time for our church body to get away together and experience a life in a more intimate way, through eating together, playing games, lounging in the sun, climbing the hill, swimming, and having great conversations by the fire. Whoever attends our youth group is considered a part of our church body, and is more than welcome to join everyone for the weekend, along with your whole family.

  • DemoCrew - July 10-14

    We had the privilege of getting a glimpse into what DemoCrew is like this past summer. Those who went had their worldviews challenged and their heartstrings pulled as they were faced with the issue of homelessness. DemoCrew is an exciting, inner-city street experience for students. The immersive program provides students with a deeper understanding of poverty and homelessness, and opportunities to serve at The Mustard Seed. Through experiential learning, workshops, devotions, and service opportunities, students are encouraged to think critically about social issues, and they are challenged to consider what Christ-centered responses to these issues look like today.


We do our best to raise funds for our big events to lower the cost as much as possible to provide all students with the chance to attend events that we find to be: Life-changing, Character-building, and Eye-opening.

Below are fundraisers that we hope you will take advantage of.

  • FundScrip

    Through FundScrip, our youth group is raising money for Youth Trips. We are selling gift cards where the youth will receive a certain percentage from every card purchased. All it is is spending money you spend already and the youth gain while you lose nothing

    November Paper Forms - Click Here

    If you would like to order directly online, please follow the link below.

    Fundscrip Website - Group Invitation Code: MD269K

AYM Values

Respect - Truth - Servanthood - Relationships