Dawson Creek Alliance Church

Our Vision

"To establish a vibrant and caring community of Christ-followers who love God and each other."

What to Expect as a Visitor to DCAC

If you are new to Dawson Creek, welcome! We are glad that you've come to our community. Dawson Creek is a friendly city with a small town atmosphere. The winters can get cold, but it's not ever for months on end. Summertime is delightful with long hours of daylight!

Our church family, though we don't see each other within our church building at this time, connects in small groups, or through phone calls, or random meeting while out shopping. It is good to be a part of a fellowship and we welcome you to join us. Currently, we have virtual services that are posted through our YouTube channel and our regular attenders receive weekly emails from the church office. Please feel free to contact us to get added to our email list.

What to expect as a member

Members of DCAC seek first to glorify God. We strive to glorify God by being united, obedient and loving; doing good to everyone, especially to those who are of the household of faith. Members share the responsibility of the church, serve in the church, and submit to the leadership of the church.

If you wish to make Dawson Creek Alliance Church your local family we would love to meet with you and welcome you!

Our Mission

"To teach, share, pray, and care. These are the legs we want to set our table on."