Care Groups

A Care Group is a group of about 6 – 12 people from various walks of life that meet together regularly, usually once a week. They meet in various homes to build friendships, encourage each other and deepen their relationship with God. It is a great way to become connected to people who know your name, pray for you, and care enough to call you when you are missing.

A care group helps you feel like you are really a part of the church. You may be reluctant to pray or share your prayer needs in a large group, but in a smaller group you may eventually start to feel comfortable enough to share and pray as you begin to trust the other people. Participation is an option but you are free to ask questions and make comments on the Bible passage you are studying. This may help you learn how you can apply it to your life. Most groups have a social gathering, like a pot luck supper, once in a while just to have fun together. We have groups meeting nearly every night of the week in different homes with different leaders.