We are actively working with the Refugee Sponsorship Program of the Christian & Missionary Alliance of Canada to sponsor a Syrian family currently located in Jordan.  This couple has 5 children ranging in age from about a year old to thirteen. When they arrive, we will be responsible for their resettlement, housing and expenses for a full year. If you are interested in being a part of this adventure, please call Bev McAllister at 250-782-5918 for information. If you would like to donate to this fund, please contact the church office for details or click the link below to see the various ways in which can donate. Be sure to indicate 'Refugee Sponsorship Fund' when giving your donation to this specific cause. We are hoping this fund will be used to sponsor many refugees from all over the world who find themselves in difficult situations and would like to begin a new life in Canada.

UPDATE: The documentation for this Syrian family's application has been submitted to ROC-O (Resettlement Operations Center in Ottawa) for approval and forwarding to the Visa Office in Jordan. This is a significant step in the long journey to bring the family to Canada.

giving to refugee sponsorship fund